• Observe condition of Flame
  • Test LWCO
  • Check Safeties 
  • Test Water Column/ Gauge Glass
  • Observe Operation of Pumps
  • Inspect Steam Supply & Condensate Return Piping
  • Inspect Fuel Supply Systems & Piping
  • Check Condition of Safety Relief Valves & Check for Weeping 
  • Inspect Boiler Room Drains
  • Inspect Burner Assembly 
  • Check Electrical Systems 
  • Check Motor Bearings for Wear and Tear
  • ​Check Belts as applicable 

Preventative Maintenance  Packages 

monthly chemical testing

At Tim Hildreth Company we do not have “lock-in contracts!” We believe if we perform our work to exceed your expectations, you will want to continue to call us for your service and maintenance needs. Our contracts are customized to fit your needs and are displayed in a one-year format. However, if you are not satisfied with our service, you may call and cancel before your next maintenance is performed.

No Contract Necessary!

At Tim Hildreth Company we have a Technician who has been performing monthly Chemical Testing for over 18 Years. He knows exactly what your boiler needs to run smoothly. He starts by testing the TDS and Nitrites, then he adds the appropriate amount of chemicals to get your boiler to the correct pH water levels and ensures that your boiler is performing at it's maximum efficiency.  

Our Motto, "If it's not broke, don't fix it!"

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At Tim Hildreth Company we believe our maintenance programs should be performed by our well-trained service technicians who can find and address concerns before complex problems shut your system down. Our Technicians will use our Custom Preventative Maintenance Check-List and check any and all areas of your boiler and address all needs. These Check-Lists are completed while we test your equipment and are also used to help us track any changes in performance from the previous years. Upon the completion of each scheduled maintenance check, the Check-Lists are returned to the shop where we review the sheets, yet again, as a further step to ensure consistency and keep them on file for future reference. 

These are some of the services we offer with our monthly Preventative Maintenance Packages, but we are more than happy to offer you a customized package suited to your specific needs! 

We aren't trying to sell you things you don't need. We aren't trying to push you to buy new materials if the materials you have work.  We want you, the customer, to have the best possible working boiler you can have. We think the best way to accomplish this is by taking care of your boiler before it breaks down, catching problems before you need to shut your entire system down for a major repair. By fixing small problems as they arise you will save time, money, and headaches. We at Tim Hildreth Company like to fix the problem before it becomes an emergency. 

Boiler operators have control over two basic aspects of the chemical program; blow down and chemical feed. Blow down requirements are determined by the type and amount of impurities that exist in the makeup water. Blow down rates directly affect chemical feed rates. A complete analysis of the raw and makeup water is the first step in establishing the correct program. 

​When boiler water pH is not within the proper range, calcium reacts with phosphate to form harmful calcium phosphate scale. By keeping up with your boiler's water pH you are saving your boiler from scale build up which will decrease your heat transfer service. 

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Experienced Technicians 

Tim Hildreth Company offers a wide variety of individualized preventative maintenance & service packages suited to your specific boiler needs. Packages can be set up on a monthly, bi-monthly, annual, or seasonal schedule. Our Packages include the following:

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